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Friday, May 6, 2016



More Benefits of Sheepskin

Sheepskin has been used for comfort for thousands of years in nearly any applications where comfort and protection were key. With over 3000 fibers per square inch and each fiber designed like a tiny shock absorber. Sheepskin also has an unparalleled wicking ability that absorbs and dissipates moisture . Sheepskin will not give off an electrical charge. Synthetic seat covers are a 100% insulator of electrical energy. All natural sheepskin is a partial insulator providing you undisturbed release of static electricity created by the natural friction of your body and the environment.

  • Sheepskin is able to absorb sweat immediately and can submit it in to the air seven times faster than synthetics.
  • Sheepskin against the body activates the blood circulation and the immune system supporting the relaxation and regeneration of the body.
  • Sheepskin is gentle on your skin because it contains lanolin, a basic substance similar to that found in human skin.
  • Sheepskin helps heal sensitive or inflamed skin or rashes.
  • Sheepskin is dirt and bacteria resistant. It has been known for centuries that the lanolin in natural sheepskin provides it with a self cleaning quality when the sheepskin is hung in fresh air.
Lambskin Infant Rug

Studies show that babies easily settle into the warmth and natural bedding of sheepskin. Research has shown that lambskin provides a warm and safe environment and that babies cry less, sleep longer, gain weight faster and fall asleep more easily than infants not placed on a lambskin. Since natural wool absorbs up to a third of its own weight in moisture, it helps keep baby dry. Our lambskin will keep your baby cool in summer and warm in winter and it is perfect for infants everywhere